In Praise of the New Volvo Style

Volvo is in the midst of a styling revolution, and it’s delightful to see. I’ve been obsessing about Volvo’s new style for the last few months, and I wanted to highlight the changes they’ve been making.

Since Ford sold the brand in 2008, the company has been one of the most innovative in the industry, pulling the brand from the brink of demise. It’s delightful to see. Not only are the vehicles beautiful, they’re laden with safety features and modern amenities that make them great vehicles.


Above is the Volvo V90 Cross Country, a vehicle that takes the concept of a station wagon and turns it into an incredible crossover vehicle that is built for the modern lifestyle. Yes, it does still resemble a station wagon, but is that a bad thing? It’s utilitarian, and far easier to drive than most SUVs. I love the aggressive styling of it, but it’s not as aggressive as say, a BMW 5 series, which feels to me like a vehicle people buy partly because it’s flashy. I much prefer the refined style of Volvo.


The XC90 was Volvo’s first foray into a new style since being part of Ford, and suffice it to say, it’s been a huge hit. Volvo has created an SUV that is big, bold, and utilitarian, but still refined and elegant. That’s a tough line to toe, and many companies get it wrong. Volvo gets it, and has come out with a vehicle that feels far more luxurious than their offerings from the last few years.


The last example of Volvo’s new style is the brand new XC60, their smaller SUV (I tried to find a better picture, but it’s so new that this will have to do). It’s scaled down in size from the XC60, but still so refined and elegant, and I think it will contend with other luxury SUVs and crossovers in ways that the previous XC60 didn’t.

Volvo is one of my favorite brands right now in terms of style, and I think they’re going to see a lot of success. They’re one of the first companies to realize that people want utility and style, and that some people with money don’t need everything to be flashy, which tends to read tacky and ostentatious. Volvo is a great brand, and I hope to see them come out with loads of new options in the years to come.